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A refuge for healthy vegans living the high carb low fat lifestyle in the 3rd most overweight city in the USA. Pics and reviews of restaurants that cater to the oil free low fat McDougall Munchers

Greenleaf Chop Shop

Postby lex on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:53 am

Thank you for the inquiry.
At Greenleaf, any of our salads can be tailored to be vegan. Our home-made
dressings are mostly vinaigrettes, so they do contain soybean, walnut,
canola, or olive oil. However, because we make everything here, we have all
the components on the line. Meaning, if you wanted to use any of the
vinegars or lemon juice (which is a popular choice), it's possible.
Thanks for asking and we'll be looking forward to your visit.
My best, Jonathan
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