Hi fellow LA vegans!

Say hello to other Vegans in LA. Feel free to be brief or long winded. What part of LA you live in? Favorite Veg spots. Anything else that you don't feel is too personal for the internet!

Hi fellow LA vegans!

Postby Cobweb on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:07 pm

Hi, I'm Kegan, a relatively recent convert to the vegan lifestyle. About a year ago I picked up a random book in the rather shitty Barns and Noble near my house. Growing up in LA and being female, I struggled daily starving myself and trying stupid atkins bullshit diets to try and get way too skinny. Naturally the book Skinny Bitch caught my eye and I gave it a read...well around about the part where they started describing the slaughtering process in graphic detail I realized I was never going to eat meat again. Although a rather crude read with crappy, unoriginal recipes, the book changed my life, and opened my eyes to a solution to more problems than I knew I had. My life improved drastically when I changed my diet. Abstaining from animal products turned out to be one of the most important decisions I have ever made, and it was really fucking easy!

I live on the Westside, and work for the man. My favorite local vegan joint is LA Vegan Thai, which is within walking distance of my house, super cheap, super delicious and 100% vegan! Runner up would be RFD in Santa Monica, their burger pretty much blew my lid. I'm definitely excited about exploring all the tantalizing tastes vegan LA has to offer.\

Nice ta meecha!
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Re: Hi fellow LA vegans!

Postby lex on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:47 pm

welcome to the board! LA Vegan is one of our favorites, too! Its just a tiny little place, but they do everything super fresh and clean! If you like the RFD burger then head over to Golden Mean on 11th & Wilshire and try the Works burger or the Lean Mean there, its pretty similar since the chef is the same, but a few bucks cheaper and cafe style!

Skinny Bitch is a great book! I wish they'd made a version w/o cussing so I could give it to more people! Its real hit or miss if its going to be totally offensive or just down right hilarious and informing when you pass it along, lol.
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