Long Lifers a dying breed. I think not!

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Long Lifers a dying breed. I think not!

Postby lex on Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:53 pm

She has always lived here and she always ate loads of natural products. She never ate too much meat. She eats lots of yoghurt," he says.

About five minutes drive down the road lives Kishi Bandiyev who, according to his passport, is 106.
He says he is much older - though he has no birth certificate to prove it either way.
His face is wrinkly and his eyes watery, but that doesn't stop him chopping wood.
"Last year I had an accident," he says.
"I was in a car and it went off the road into a freezing cold river. I got out but only after some time sitting in cold water. I feel a bit sick since then."

At the Museum of Long Life, in the nearby town of Lerik, the walls are adorned with pictures of the tanned, wispy-haired members of the community who reached 100.
"These days people watch so much television that they are less active than they used to be," says Dilara Fatullaeva, the museum director.
"Also people get more stressed because of work problems or because they have to travel more. A lot has changed. The long lifers, as we call them, are a dying breed."
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