Health Researchers are stoooooopid

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Health Researchers are stoooooopid

Postby lex on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:40 pm

Three diets - Mediterranean, low-fat and low-carbohydrate - are equally effective in helping reverse blocked arteries, say Israeli researchers.
The study of 140 people, reported in the journal Circulation, found diet could reduce the fatty build up in arteries.
The Ben-Gurion University team found by the end of the two-year study the arterial wall was cut by 5%.
Experts said the study was interesting, but diet was not a "magic bullet".

Ten to 15 years ago, it was thought that fatty build-up in the arteries was irreversible, but since then drugs trials have shown that it is possible for fatty deposits to be cut.
"This study shows you can do something to reduce plaque build-up, even without pills," Dr Knight said.
"It sends an effective message from a public health perspective."
However, he warned that the scale of reduction in the volume of artery walls was relatively small and that changing diet, although helpful, was "no magic bullet".

You'd think one of these assholes at Ben-Gurion University could use google and realize 100,000s of people have used diets like Engine 2, Dr. McDougall, Joel Furman, Neil Bernard, etc to reverse and eliminate Heart Disease... 10 to 15 years, lol. People have been doing this SINCE THE 1950s!!!!

Conclusion: research scientists have their heads up their asses.
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