Cheney Worst Healthcare ever....

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Cheney Worst Healthcare ever....

Postby lex on Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:06 am ... ey_s_heart
Surviving five heart attacks makes former Vice President Dick Cheney pretty unusual — showing that he has good medical care as well as a particularly aggressive form of heart disease.

NO it shows you have the worst health care EVER!!!! You're doctors are either morons or thieves. They've robbed you of your health. If Dr. McDougall was your doctor you wouldn't have had any! And you'd look a whole lot better, too. Stop the lies. Heart disease is EASILY treated and reversed on a low fat vegan diet.

This part just makes me SICK
Cheney was fortunate; Monday's heart attack was described as mild. But at 69, he's now lived almost as long with heart disease as he has without. His first heart attack came at the early age of 37.
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