Reccomend Maddys organic cuisine amazing!!

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Reccomend Maddys organic cuisine amazing!!

Postby Robert_24 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:35 pm

I tried a new vegan restaurant today. In my opinion it was amazing it had great vegan panini Big Mac burger(tempeh & crimini mushroom patty) , Cajun Caesar (seitan) , chickpea salad, eggless tofu, BBQ tempeh. A lot of gelato options vanilla bean, peanut butter chip, mint Chocolate chip, strawberry, armaretto, cookies and cream, pistachio all really great. Have vegan Boursin and Chardonnay cheeses. I recommend it to all of you hours are 12-8. If any of you have heard of Madeline's bistro this is the same owners owned by chef David Anderson. Highly known chef helped make the product beyond meat. Check it out!
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