Trajectory of USA Adult Death rate spiraling downward

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Trajectory of USA Adult Death rate spiraling downward

Postby lex on Mon May 03, 2010 12:44 pm ... ult_deaths

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation paid for this study. The USA now ranks 49th in age 15 to 60 year old adult death rates. I can just imagine groups of patriots changing their chanting from "we're #1" to "we're #49" ...

I get a LOT of heat for my war on fat & fake meat. I'm not attacking fat people, I'm attacking the foods that make us the 49th healthiest country and not the 1st. Taking the Standard American Diet and veganizing it results in meals that are just as unhealthy if not more so (higher in fat, isolated proteins) than the SAD diet. Its an abomination to continue veganizing cheese, hot dogs & donuts w/o making them healthy, ie low in fat, low in protein and high in starch. You can find many healthy alternatives on via the forum or cook books & DVDs.
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