Fabe's Cookie Corn vs. Lesser Evil

Fabe's Cookie Corn vs. Lesser Evil

Postby lex on Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:17 pm

Fabe's, which makes the delectable mini chocolate chip cookies, has just release "Cookie Corn" to the Streets of LA in Whole Foods Super Markets. The Cookie Corn as already won awards and I had a chance to sample it last night. http://www.fabesnatural.com/ It was pretty good, but in no way better than Lesser Evil. http://www.lesserevil.com/ (not all flavors are vegan) The Cookie Corn is pretty high in fat content and doesn't have a nice CRUNCH to it like the Lesser Evil Peanut Butter and Chocolate does. I think Lesser Evil has about 1/8 the fat, too. Anyways, its always fun to spot a new vegan product!
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