Olsen Haus - hip veagan shoes

Olsen Haus - hip veagan shoes

Postby Kristin on Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:58 pm

Finally, some high fashion quality PURE VEGAN shoes that don't cost $500 (ex. stella)!!! I'm constantly on the search for hot vegan shoes that look like they could be sold at Neiman Marcus. Lex sent me this link several months ago www.olsenhaus.com/shop_fall09.html I appreciated the style but wasn't too interested in buying a shoe that I could only wear with a couple outfits. I revisited the site last night because my friend posted it on facebook and really got psyched about the Spring 10 line of sandals. They look stylish, neutral, classy, and comfortable!! Check it out, lmk what ya think :)
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