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Re: Vegan Soft Serve

Postby lex on Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:37 pm

we did the light show (not so fun to walk) but after eating at nearby Hugos it was much needed! The soft serve was in deed perfect!
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Re: Vegan Soft Serve

Postby Kristin on Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:34 pm

Thnks Michelle!! It was a GREAT suggestion indeed:) I really enjoyed the walk, the lights and music really put me in the Xmas spirit. :D
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Re: Vegan Soft Serve

Postby Michelle on Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:12 pm

After filling up on veggie tacos & burritos I asked hubby if he wanted to head over to the light show but he wasn't interested in walking it that night. lol. We usually try to drive it as soon as it opens to beat the looooong line of cars trying to get in. Last year we got there a few minutes before it opened and were in & out real quick before the crowds started. It's nice to walk on warmer nights or when you're bundled up well. Glad you guys enjoyed it. :)
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Re: Vegan Soft Serve

Postby joanc on Tue May 18, 2010 6:25 pm

I really enjoyed the rich, creamy soft serve at the new NiceCream store that Quarrygirl talked about in her blog recently. There is only one flavor, chocolate, and that is the only flavor you need. It had little bits of ground up raw chocolate in it (or at least tasted of it). Honestly thought this was outstanding.

I wasn't so enamored with the raw ice cream, because of the light, icy texture. Not icy enough to be granita and not creamy enough to call it ice cream, I was a little disappointed, esp for the price, $10 for a two-scoop sundae.

I will be back though, even at these prices.

--BTW, NiceCream has changed its name to "KindKreme".
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