www.NV-DA.com Organic Raw & Vegan Delivery Service

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www.NV-DA.com Organic Raw & Vegan Delivery Service

Postby NVDA on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:18 am

Greater Los Angeles Area
Phone # 310-722-4141

NV-DA (pronounced: nun-dah, meaning: "the sun and the moon" in Cherokee) is a 100% Organic Raw & Vegan Purveyor dedicated to supplying delicious raw-vegan products & services using only top quality locally harvested seasonal fresh produce to Angelenos in an ethical, eco-friendly & sustainable way.

NV-DA's menu concept is focused on creating bright clean dishes with global influences: using ethnic spices and flavors elevating the uniquely high quality ingredients. The result- inspired flavors and textured combinations. NV-DA’s dishes & beverages are created with love, pure, healing intentions that translate in both the brand aesthetic and through every bite/sip.

NV-DA celebrates pure products, honest preparation, honest pricing, as well as transparency to the source thereby creating an experience where customers trust in the food they eat, the farmers whom harvested it and, the purveyors whom created it.

NV-DA's mantra.
organic. raw & vegan. living. activated. conscious. ethically-minded. honest. local. seasonal. farm-fresh. positive-vibrations. eco-friendly. ethno-chic. esoteric. zero-waste. sustainability. energizing. healing. transparency to the source. gluten-free. gmo-free. soy-free, agave-free. guilt-free. plant based nutrition. made in los angeles with love, quality and pride.

Products & Services Offered
Meal Delivery Service
Juice Cleanse Delivery Service
Private Chef
Transcendent Treat Collection Sold in Farmers' Markets & Los Ageless Retailers (check website for locations)
Meal Planning
Pop Up Dinners
Un-cooking classes

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